Are adult toys a good or bad thing for society? This has been widely debated by many politicians and councilors over the years whenever they have had to decide to grant or decline a license for a new Sex Store to open up in a busy shopping center or high street. I am sure that each and every one of them has had their own set of pro’s and con’s.

But are they good or are they bad. This is really going to come down to the environment in which they take their role. If we are discussing as to whether they should be displayed for all to see in the window of the local sex shop in the high street, then the argument could be that this would be a detrimental role for them to play as they would be exposed to whoever young or old may pass by. If we are discussing as to whether two consenting adults should have access to a means of choosing and purchasing adult toys then the argument could be that sex toys have a role to play in some mature relationships. It could be argued that they actually allow consenting adults to release certain sexual desires in a loving and caring environment rather than forcing these desires into a dark sexual underworld.

I think by the very fact that most countries accept the purchase and use of sexual aids, but restrict their availability by placing an age restriction on them, we can say that whilst they are not to every adults taste they are accepted as a necessary and therefore good part of some adults lives and that they do have a positive role to play in society.

There is no denying that the adult sex industry is a massive market place worth billions of dollars per year which in its self documents societies requirement for sexual gratification in one form or another, be it adult movies, adult toys or adult games. With this amount of demand then supplying it in a controlled manner has to make adult toys a good thing.

One fact that cannot be argued is that adult toys in one form or another have been in existence for centuries. It is allegedly reported that Cleopatra had the hard shell of a fruit from the gourd tree, filled with bees to provide the earliest form of vibratorknown and in the same vein whilst men and women seek to add variety to their sex lives, adult toys will always have a part to play.