In the simplest of terms they are a series of balls or beads (usually 5 to 9) connected together in a row. The balls can all be the same size or graduated along the length. They will be connected either via solid material or string. Note - You will find that the size of the balls can vary quite widely and you should always make sure that you purchase a size that you will be comfortable with.

They can be made of a wide variety of material including glass, metal, silicone, latex, plastic and rubber and they have a handle or ring at one end to assist in removing them from the anus.

What is the Purpose of Anal Beads?

To stimulate and arouse the many nerve endings that are found in the narrow sphincter located inside the anus and heighten orgasms when slowly withdrawn from the anus at the point of climax. The larger size beads/balls are used to create a feeling of pressure inside the anus.

How do you use Anal Beads?

Firstly it should be noted that they are for both male and female use. Always make sure that you only use them in conjunction with lubricant to prevent damage to the rectum and don’t forget that it is always better to use too much than too little. Starting with the bead/ball furthest away from the ring pull or handle insert it slowly into the anus and repeat this process with each bead in the series. Remember that you do not need to insert them all and should not insert one if it feels too uncomfortable or large. You may find that your arousal will become heightened as you insert them as they stimulate the nerve endings inside the sphincter. Once inserted you can engage in your preferred sexual activity and when you feel yourself reaching the point of climax slowly withdraw the bead/balls from the anus to intensify the level orgasm.

You may find that you will need to experiment with the point and speed at which you withdraw to maximize the effect of the use of anal beads but with time you will find that they can help take your orgasms to another level.


Always use with lubricant to avoid damage to the anus. This may sound silly, but count the number of beads inserted and removed to make sure that none have become detached inside the anus. Wash and treat with anti bacterial solution or alternatively for silicone based beads you can boil in water for three minutes to prevent infections and to ensure you toys enjoy a longer life. Never share anal beads that are connected with string as the string is porous and can never be fully sterilized.

Well, there you have it. We hope this has given you a better understanding of anal beads, and if you are thinking or purchasing some, you can always visit the anal section of our on-line adult store.

The Team @ SexToys2theDoor