In simple terms a sex toy is any device used to aid or enhance the act of sex.The act of sex can be with a partner, in a group or on your own. They tend to be designed to concentrate on the genitalia though the long and varied list of toys includes many used to stimulate other areas of the body.

The most commonly known sex toy would have to be the vibrator, which in themselves come in many varied designs and styles. In it's basic form it will be battery or mains operated and penis shaped with differing lengths and girths. These day's they normally all operate at variable speeds allowing the control of the intensity of the stimulation produced by the gentle massaging achieved by either using it externally around the vaginal and clitoral areas or by inserting it into the vagina. In it's more advanced form there are specialised vibrators for massaging the g spot. Rabbit vibrators (and variations) that have a protruding lip that stimulates the clitoris whilst the shaft enters the vagina. Triple headed vibrators, similar to the rabbit they have the lip that stimulates the clitoris but they have a third probe that stimulates the anus. Anal vibrators which tend to be smaller in girth but can vary in length and can have a beaded shaft to stimulate the anus.

Dildo's tend to be penis like in shape and are used to stimulate the vagina or anus in the same way as the vibrator but without the vibration. These can be found in the strap on form where by a female will attach the dildo to her body in the position of a man and use this to enter another woman anally or vaginally or to enter a man anally. You can also purchase strap on vibrators for the same purpose.

Artificial vagina's come in both vibrating and non vibrating forms and are designed for the male to insert his penis in the same way he would with a female. The are made from silicone based materials to give a realistic feel as possible. With the vibrating vagina's the speed of the vibration can be controlled.

With all styles of vibrators and dildo's the comfort and pleasure can be increased with the use of a water based lubricant.

Cock and Testicle rings are designed to prolong the males erection and intensify orgasm. They achieve this by restricting blood flow to the area and it is most important that adjustable or correct fitting is achieved as bruising can occur if the fitting is to tight. They can be worn around the penis, the testicles or both. They can be purchased with the addition of clitoral stimulator's which are designed to run against the clitoris during intercourse.

Another common sex aid would be DVDs and magazines which can be used simply to arouse or in the more educational forms to assist in learning new techniques and sexual practices.

Dressing Up and Role play are another popular form of sex aid, assisting in the acting out of fantasies. Various materials such as leather and latex are commonly used to create standard items of clothing as well as role play outfits such as maids and nurses.